GEEQ Pulsar Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
36.99 EUR25 EUR

GEEQ Pulsar Bluetooth Speaker, powerful portable sound system for smartphones, iPads, iPods, tablets, laptops and other devices. Pair it with your device via Bluetooth or line-in connection. 10m range and battery life up to 5 hours. Very sturdy aluminium and steel design.

The brand new GEEQ Pulsar Bluetooth Speaker is designed for:
  • ...playing your favourite music from any smartphone or iPhone with Bluetooth
  • ...blasting out the best tunes from your iPad, iPod, tablet and other Bluetooth devices
  • ...connecting to laptop or any other music player via the aux connection

The GEEQ Pulsar comes with a large built-in 600mAh li-ion battery which is enough for up to 5 hours playback. The speaker charges easily via the included USB cable, and can also be charged from mains power with a USB mains adapter (not included).

The GEEQ Pulsar punches above its weight!

The powerful built-in 3W speaker blasts your music out in super-high quality, and the volume can be controlled directly from the host device. It features a silicone base which ensures less vibrations and much better sound quality.

Line-in for non-Bluetooth devices

Included in the package is a line-in cable that can be used to connect the GEEQ Pulsar to any non-Bluetooth devices. Simply connect this cable to the 3.5mm earphone jack to use the Pulsar as a portable speaker for your device. This feature is especially useful for devices such as MP3 players, laptops and other music devices.