64GB TEAM for Android Micro USB / USB 3.0
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64GB Team M132 OTG Dual Flash Drive. Designed for use with Android phones and tablets. Dual connections for connecting to either USB port on PC/Mac or micro USB on tablet/phone. Great for transferring data to and from Android devices. Durably aluminium casing, and supplied with lanyard / earphone plug. Android OTG support required.

At a time when the mobile phone has become a daily necessity and smartphone addicts are everywhere on the street, smartphones and tablets now form part of human life, whether for work or for entertainment. As the scope of applications for smartphones and tablets expand, insufficient storage space or low data transfer speed have become an annoying trouble for consumers. After hearing your needs, Team Group specially developed the Mobile USB storage series. The newest M132 UFD is equipped with dual interfaces for smartphones and tablets supporting the OTG function. The lightweight style from the COB package and the steady black tone as its cover are the shared features of all mobile devices.

To ensure broader and more convenient applications, M132 of the Team MobileUFD series is equipped with Micro USB and USB3.0 interfaces for mobile devices supporting OTG. The Micro USBallows users to store multi-media files and documents from an Android-based mobile device in the M132 or to directly browse data and files that have been stored in the M132. More importantly, the transfer speed of Micro USB is much faster than the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Besides saving on mobile network fees, you can get rid of the hotspot restrictions to freely enjoy the fun and convenience of true mobile life. The M132 is also a high-speed UFD equipped with USB3.0, with a read/write speed of 85MB/20MB per second, enabling you to easily access multi-media files and documents to and from a PC.

Double interfaces, easy operation
M132 is one of the Team Mobile series flash drives with COB packaging. The drive features both Micro USB & USB3.0 interface. The Micro USB allows the transfer of multimedia files in Android mobile devices to M132 for storage and direct viewing of pre-stored audio/video files. M132 is also a high-speed USB3.0 flash drive which is easy for users to save all kinds of documents and multimedia files.

Compact size - easy portability
The brushed metallic finish goes with low-profile black tone, and the smoked black cap keeps the micro USB connection safe from dust and dirt. The device is lightweight and very compact, and it comes with a trinket hole as well as a string and earphone plug that you can plug in to the earphone socket on a smartphone or tablet - making it easy to carry with you as a fashion accessory.