Worldwide Universal Travel Adapter with 2 USB ports
25 EUR16.50 EUR

Almost no matter where in the world you are - you never need to worry about how to charge your electronic devices. Whether your devices charge via USB or AC power, this handy worldwide travel adapter is all you need!

Universal worldwide travel adapter and USB charger, suitable for use in more than 150 countries. Unique rotating locking mechanism and with the following connections: 2-pin EU, 3-pin UK, 2-pin American, 2-pin Australian. Includes removable USB charging head. 

Includes a rotation safety locking mechanism that prevents the sliding power connectors from retracting when being inserted. 

The USB port is ideal for charging smartphones, iPods, tablets and virtually any other devices that comes with a USB charging cable. USB port provides 5V, 1000mAh of stable power, which is sufficient for almost all devices with USB charging option.